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COVID-19 Updates

Below you will find the most up-to-date information on coronavirus news impacting New York. You can find additional resources and coverage on our coronavirus page .

10:45 a.m. Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a COVID-19 update Tuesday morning from Manhattan's Javits Center.

Key updates:

  • Dramatic increase in rate of new COVID-19 infections, doubling about every three days. Cuomo said the curve is increasing. Read more here .

  • State. of New York has a total of 25,665 COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday, Cuomo said, an increase of 4,790 since Monday.

  • New York City now has 14,904 total cases, an increase of 2,599 since Monday, according to the governor.

  • 3,234 cases are hospitalized in New York, with 756 of those being ICU patients, or 24% of all hospitalized.

  • 91,270 total people tested in state of New York so far, most of any state.

  • Estimated hospital beds needed has gone up to 140,000 hospital beds estimated needed, including 40,000 ICU beds.

  • Troubling and higher numbers than initially anticipated, Cuomo said.

  • The peak of cases could be 14 to 21 days away, both sooner and higher than we expected.

  • Might try an experiment of splitting ventilators between two patients.

  • We need federal help, "and we need it now," Cuomo said, urging the federal government to use the Defense Production Act. Cuomo said NY should be able to tap into a federal stockpile of 20,000 ventilators.

9 a.m. One New York City dad tells PIX11 how he's structuring his second-grader son's day now that remote learning has launched. Watch more.

5 a.m. Reminder: Gov. Andrew Cuomo's order to close all non-essential businesses is now in effect in New York, dubbed the "PAUSE" plan. For a full list of what businesses and entities will remain open, click here .

Overnight: New York City officials released the latest coronavirus numbers. There are 13,119 positive cases of COVID-19 and 125 fatalities citywide.

  • 3,848 cases in Queens

  • 2,646 in Manhattan

  • 3,742 in Brooklyn

  • 1,999 in the Bronx

  • 877 in Staten Island.

There are at least 2,213 people hospitalized, officials said. Of those individuals, at least 525 are in the ICU.

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