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COVID-19 Update

12 p.m. Gov. Andrew Cuomo gives his daily briefing on COVID-19 in the state. Watch the news conference below.

  • There are 52,318 confirmed cases in New York.

  • The number of coronavirus fatalities rose to 728.

  • Critical COVID-19 patients are typically on a ventilator for about 11 to 21 days, Cuomo said. The machine is only needed for about three to four days with other respiratory issues.

  • Do you really need 30,000 ventilators? "You plan based on the data, based on the science, based on the data," Cuomo said. "I have no desire to procure more ventilators than we need."

  • Ventilators cost between $25,000 and $45,000 each. Cuomo said he has no interest in inflating the number of needed ventilators because he doesn't want to pay for them.

  • The federal government has sent 4,000 ventilators, which the state will disperse as they are needed.

  • The peak of the number cases is still expected to arrive in 14 to 21 days.

  • The number of projected hospital beds to meet the peak number of cases remains 140,000.

  • Cuomo said the state is in a good place with its stockpile of personal protective equipment for health care workers.

  • His administration is aware of new CDC guidelines that suggest N95 masks can be reused for a short period of time. State officials are following these guidelines but may deviate if needed.

  • Coronavirus patients may be moved to upstate hospitals to "shift the burden" from downstate

  • Cuomo is asking pharmacies, including major chain stores, to provide home delivery for free.

  • The Department of Health is monitoring density in New York City Parks and public spaces.

  • If New Yorkers do not comply with social distancing, the state will shut down playgrounds, Cuomo said. "Please take this seriously, for yourself and others."

  • The USNS Comfort hospital ship is expected to arrive on Monday.

  • President Donald Trump has approved four new sites for temporary hospitals, bringing one to each borough of New York City: Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, Queens Aqueduct Racetrack, CUNY Staten Island and New York Expo Center in the Bronx.

  • State primary has been moved to June 23, which links the election with congressional voting.

  • The tax filing deadline has been pushed to July 15.

7:45 a.m. The hospital ship USNS Comfort is expected to leave Norfolk, Virginia for New York City on Saturday.

President Donald Trump is scheduled to travel to Norfolk to see the ship off.

More than 1,200 medical personnel and critical supplies are expected to be sent to New York aboard the ship, which will act as a floating hospital in New York Harbor.

The team of doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, x-ray technicians and other medical staff will support New York City’s medical community and conserve hospital capacity by treating non-COVID-19 patients, according to a White House statement.

7 a.m. There are over 44,600 coronavirus cases across New York and more than 500 deaths, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

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